Thursday, July 2, 2009

Planning Knits

I have lost some focus in the last month regarding my knitting and crochet goals. So, in an effort to catch back up and feel a little more organized, here is the current plan of attack:

1. Ravelry: All updated as of 6/27. Took a few hours, but I got there.
2. Frogged the socks that I had active. I don't know why every summer I get a sock itch and cast on several. I never finish more than one pair, no matter what the plan. So, that yarn goes back into the stash for another year or project.
3. The schedule of attack for the next two months:

  • Finish afghan for customer--3 LONG rows done
  • Crochet Hat for Patrick
  • Knit Hat for Patrick--actually finished this up this past weekend
  • Baby item #1 (gift)--75% done
  • Baby item #2 (gift)--casted on
  • Boy item #1 (gift)
  • Boy item #2 (gift)
  • Make an Emma jacket
  • Make a Georgette top
  • Finish Top-Down Pink top
  • Finish Monet Rusted Root
  • Complete Babette Blanket (hibernating)
  • Complete Crayon Box Jacket (hibernating)
  • Make Patrick's Iain sweater
  • Make Patrick's Briar Rose sweater
  • Make another Kitchen Sink blanket
Okay, maybe this is more like 3 or 4 months!!!!

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