Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Loop Stitch Tutorial

To perform the loop stitch used in the Kitchen Sink Blanket pattern,
you can follow along here. Good luck!

Step 1: Go into the stitch as if to Knit. Wrap the needle like you would in knitting.

Step 2: Bring the wrap through the stitch like a normal Knit stitch,
but do NOT drop the stitch of the left needle.

Step 3: Bring the yarn between the two needles to the front.
Wrap it around your thumb and, while continuing to hold it around your thumb,
move the yarn to the back between the two needles.

Step 4: Go into the same stitch you did earlier and knit it again,
this time dropping the left stitch off the needle just like a normal knit stitch.

Step 5: You now have 2 stitches and 1 loop out of the original knit stitch.

Step 6: Bind off one of the stitches. This locks your loop
and you are back to 1 stitch again!

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Christina said...

love the colors on this new Kitchen Sink Afghan!