Saturday, July 18, 2009

Handmade Cards

I love to shop for yarn and find new things. As I'm out and about, I try to pick up colors that I think friends and family who are knitters will like--makes holiday shopping a lot more fun. My MIL is a knitter who loves to make socks, so she gives me a good reason to buy that sock yarn I love but I never use because I don't knit many socks.

As a thank you for the yarn, she let me pick out as many of her handmade cards as I wanted. I was so thrilled! She does a great job with the cards. Me, well, I can put a sticker on a piece of cardboard--that's about my limit. Here are some pictures of her work. I really like the knitting and yarn-related cards.

Kennedy likes them too!

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad you liked them because I love the yarn you've given me. By the way, I've given up on the needle you gave me but I'm going to try it again - just not on toe up socks!