Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Watermelon and Christmas Bowl

I started playing around with fiber and needle felting needles as a distraction on Sunday (instead of continuing to clean windows). I hadn't a clue what I was making except that it would be a bowl of some sort. I have dreams of creating all kinds of art type projects with needle felting.

I felted some low priced white roving and then added on a green top--thinking I would use it as the "ground" and then add sunflowers. However, as I looked at it with the white barely showing and creating dimension it reminded me of a summer watermelon bowl I just bought for our upcoming cookouts. I decided to felt the inside of the bowl in the vibrant red I found at this weekend's fiber fair. I planned to fold it down and then used scrap fiber to put on "seeds." It is so cute!!!!

As I was felting on the red, it put me in the mindset of Christmas. I thought, " A REVERSIBLE BOWL!" I put on the seeds in a way that I could reverse it and then I added a ribbon. Magic--a Christmas bowl!

I was so excited about the outcome that I'm anxious to try others. Hmmmm...what next?

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