Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kennedy's Summer Sweater

I knitted up this little sweater for Kennedy last week and finished up the flowers Tuesday night. It is the Basket of Daisies sweater by Kay Graves. She does such cute patterns for little dogs. Kennedy gets a little chilly in the air conditioning in the summer. This is just perfect for those days/nights. It is made out of Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep. I did alter the pattern a tad. Kennedy is tiny, but she has massive front legs for her size. (She loves to jump.) I made her leg openings 3.5 inches deep instead of 2. I also left the belly part of the under panel open to give her room when she eats.

Kiki gave Riley a little kiss when he got jealous because he didn't get a sweater.
He doesn't really want a sweater, just the attention. So here is a Riley picture...

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