Monday, June 22, 2009

B4 Bag

I found this pattern on Ravelry from Once in a BlooMoon. I fell in love with the various color combinations and the idea that the pattern constantly changes to keep you from getting bored. And, well, we all know my love of bags! I decided to go with a palette of colors to provide a sunflower look. It is called the B4 Bag because is has bumps, beads, buttons, and bobbles. Cute!

Needles: US 13 24 inch
Yarn: Cascade 220 held doubled (I'm using 4-5 different colors)
Beads: 66; I picked up resin beads from The Bead Boutique in Carmel, IN
Buttons: Still deciding, but I did by a felted sunflower "pin" (sold at Stitches & Scones and made by local designer The Blackberry Tree (also on

You guessed it! This will be a fall workshop. You will LOVE all the techniques this bag uses!

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Trish said...

It's looking good! I love the neutral color palette! Have fun!