Sunday, June 28, 2009

Anniversary Gift

Every year Patrick and I exchange anniversary gifts that follow the traditional anniversary years. We try to get creative with our gifts and usually start researching for the next year's gift the day after the current year anniversary! It's like a little game to see what the other one discovers. It has made for some interesting surprises along the way. For instance, the year of iron was hilarious. Patrick thought he found a little skeleton key and was going to give me "the key to his heart." Well, we laughed until we cried when it arrived. It is HUGE. It is 18 inches tall and 11 inches wide. That's some heart!

This year's traditional gift was bronze. I was thrilled right after Christmas when my weekly searches of bronze things on turned up a bronze treated journal. The artist did a great job and even provided instructions for cutting and inserting more paper after Patrick fills up the pages with his poetry.

Patrick found another artist who sculpts knitting double point needles out of bronze. They are beautiful and so UNIQUE!

These were forged by Molly Swan-Sheeran at

The little devil also snuck around with T and got me a Tokyo Topper kit that I drooled over at the Greencastle show back in April. I can't wait to make it!!!

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