Friday, May 29, 2009

Wet Felting

I've seen a lot of wet felted scarves and projects at fiber shows. I was NEVER interested in doing this craft because I thought it looked, well, cheap. You could see through the fiber and it wasn't uniform. I tend to really like clean lines, so I just didn't find it appealing.

Well, that all changed when I saw Lana de Flor booth at the Great Lakes show. Her work was amazing. I grilled her with questions because I was trying to figure out what she does that makes it look so different. I came to the conclusion that she's really, really, really good and that the fact that she dyes her fiber to vibrant colors makes a huge difference. Her product also looks a lot thicker than others. I took a picture of a flower in her booth to post here. I also bought one of her rings. A very clever idea!

Of course, I then dropped the $10 on a wet felting kit to try it out!

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Anonymous said...

What is wet felting?

Love the ring!