Thursday, May 14, 2009

Top-Down T-Shirt

I am so totally addicted to Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece. It is such a great weight for spring/summer garments and it holds shape. Great price point. Great yardage. I picked up skeins in the Begonia Passion colorway last week and decided to knit up a Top-Down T-Shirt.

I am using the Knitting Pure & Simple pattern. If you are looking to make your first sweater, I HIGHLY recommend the Pure & Simple patterns. Heck, even if you are on your 200th sweater, they are great. After much debate, I decided not to add a pattern, but just to go with straight St St. I do plan to do a different edge than the garter stitch one that is suggested. Maybe a tiny cable edging or a picot. Don't be afraid to change up a pattern to make it your own. So many options!

Size 5 US needles
Gauge 5 stitches per inch

Pattern calls for 1200 yards for my size, but I'm thinking I might not need that much. I'm in the middle of the second skein in the above picture. I'm short, so I will not make it as long--thus saving some yardage.

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