Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Knitting Madlib

On our trip I picked up a Mad Libs book. I loved these as a kid and thought it would be something fun to kill time in the car. Patrick decided that I needed to do one only providing knitting-related terms. The result really made us laugh the first time around. Hope you get a giggle as well.

Quick Quiz

Who am I? I am a worsted American. I was born 5 years ago in Stitches & Scones. When my father first saw me, he said "Shit!" I am 4.5 feet tall, have fingering brown eyes, and a tight complexion. My hobby is collecting needles. I always speak woolly, and I have made several red motion pictures. I am married to Gina, the well-known Hollywood yarn. I have given away thousands of tape measures to charity. My most prominent physical characteristics are my fuzzy nose and my large sheep. Who am I? Answer: I am Patrick.

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