Saturday, May 2, 2009

Juliet Is Finished

I finished my Juliet sweater this past weekend. I love the result. I have had this yarn in my stash since the second month I started knitting!!!! I waited and waited for the right project to come along. Although it took over 5 years, the Juliet was perfect. I love my buttons--some spring flowers and the metal picks up on the blue color. A wonderful top-down knit. I did knit a size smaller than normal because I had heard the design was stretchy--just the nature of garter.

Although the sweater looks short in this picture, I'm really short. The garter portion comes under my bust and then the lace section is the focal point to mid-hip. The pattern is written to provide you options for a shorter or longer version of the sweater. I used double-stranded Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. The size I made called for 6 balls, but I only used 5 and had 50% of skein 5 left. Knit on large needles, it goes quickly. The top is perfect for tv knitting and the lace section is a simple 6 row repeat. We have patterns available at the store. Have a said how in love with the Zephyr Style patterns I am right now? :)

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