Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hard Decisions

As a knitter, we become very attached to our projects. We spend a great deal of time and energy with each project. We plan, plot, and work. Sometimes, for various reasons, things just don't work out. Part of my New Year's resolution this year was to finish everything on the needles on 1/1/09 by 12/31/09. I started off with 14 projects. I worked through a large bunch of them, plus other things I casted on. There were a few projects that I just couldn't bring myself to pick up again. I've been thinking about frogging them and using the yarn for other projects. I've been considering these options for months now. I woke up on Sunday and decided that two of them had to go. So....

It is with a little lingering dread that I frogged Myrna and Marmalade.

These two projects got the ax for very different reasons:
  • Myrna: I casted this on to knit for our KAL. I love, love, love the yarn I purchased (Wool Bamboo in red). However, it is too warm to wear in the summer (reason #1). Although I have great respect for White Lies designs--beautiful garments, I didn't enjoy working on this sweater. I don't know if it is the amount of ribbing (reason #2). I also HATE pressure knitting (i.e. knitting for a deadline or for a set reason), and the KAL was forcing me to work on this and I just didn't want to (reason #3). I gave in and frogged it despite the KAL.
  • Marmalade: I bought this kit many years ago in a colorway I would never wear. I dyed the yellow (bad color for me) to red last year and thought that would take care of it. It really didn't. It just wasn't me. I tend to wear solids, or a very calm print. This was way wild in the color area. I decided I really liked the yarn and it will be GREAT to use in hats and such.
Now that I've dealt with those projects, I'm down to 3 active projects and 2 hibernating ones. Of these, 3 were on the needles on 1/1/09. Progress...

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