Sunday, April 26, 2009


I am spoiled. Spoiled in a lot of ways, but this is a post about creativity. I am very lucky to have creative people all around me. It make life so much more interesting. I have a poet for a husband, writers for good friends and colleagues, and knitters everywhere. This post is about a few of them. People ask me all the time what inspires me when I pick out projects, design them, select colors, etc. The answer is that what inspires is all around--in nature, in everyday life, but mostly in the creativeness that I see in others. What inspires you and how have you been creative lately?

Tonia's Creativity
In addition to Tonia's creativity in knitting and rug hooking,
she has been taking cake decorating classes. This was our Thursday night treat this past week.
So cute! I see many cakes in her future.

Nancy's Creativity
Nancy is a fantastic cook, seamstress, and knitter. She knitted up this top for her granddaughter and sewed it onto the skirt to make a dress. (Pattern can be found in one of the Mason Dixon Knitting books if you are inspired to make one of these.) Isn't it beautiful?
She did a great job. I want one!!!!

Patrick's Creativity
What can I say? The person who inspires me and supports me most in my creativity. He writes poetry and plays and brews his own beer. I'm constantly amazed at how his mind works. The following is one of Patrick's poems. To see more, visit

Portrait of a Woman Brushing Her Hair
Florence, June 30
copyright Patrick Kanouse
(to inquire about use, visit

You brush your wet hair in the breeze
Of an early evening light,
Backlit by a single, hanging bulb.

Your face shows a quiet pleasure
At the bristles running through
Your hair like today’s latest cure.

You ask me to brush it for you.
Your hair smells of aloe and ginseng,
Which I let slide through my fingers.

Your eyes close; I turn off the light.
In the mirror the curtain reflects
Back to us our room; a fang

Of light from the alley twists
Through the lace curtain and echoes
On the wall; a maze of light

I tire of tracing. My fists
Holding shadows, I wait for sleep.
Outside a truck receives commands

In Italian:“Lentamente!
Fermate!”I hear espresso
Machines and the clapping of hands.

The Italian night has just begun.
Earlier we shared gelato:
Melon, colored like cantaloupes.

I hear laughing and distant cars.
From the thin alley beneath
Our window, lined with bicycles,

Garlic and basil mingle
With the light on the breeze. The sheath
Of caffé swells and reorders

The priority of senses.
I fall asleep to foreign tunes
With strands of your hair in my hands. In Italian:“Lentamente!

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Christina said...

Nancy's little dress is adorable!