Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, PK!!!!!

Today my husband turns 38. He is simply the most fantastic husband ever. I used to say when I was growing up that I would never get married. When I met Patrick we became friends and worked together for years before we dated. From the first moment that we talked about dating, I knew that we would get married. I had zero doubt. Through the years, we've gone through all kinds of things together and no matter what the situations, we support each other and laugh a lot. Since this is a knitting-related blog, I decided to list the 38 knitting things that I love about My PK. The non-knitting reasons would be a million points long!!!!

  1. He encourages me each and every day to pursue my dreams.
  2. When he comes in contact with students or customers at the store and hears them criticizing themselves, he encourages them too.
  3. When at festivals and stores with me, he always helps the ladies with the door, picking up something they dropped, or getting yarn off the high shelf.
  4. He takes me to all kinds of yarn stores and spends countless hours talking to shop owners all across the country while I shop. He's learned a lot about how we, someday, want to run our own store. He's also had some strange conversations too!
  5. He feeds my yarn and stitch marker addiction. Last year for our anniversary, I got 5 stitch markers every day for a week!
  6. At fiber festivals he plays a game where he guesses whether or not I will like the yarn based on touch. He also has gotten great at predicting (by sight) if a fiber is merino or silk.
  7. He tried to learn the knit stitch.
  8. He recently tried to help me out by typing in class instructions while I was yelling them out in a panic (stupid computer). Not many men would try to type in "Slip one purlwise with the yarn in front."
  9. He appreciates knitting (all knitters) as an art form.
  10. He knows who Chris Bylsma is.
  11. He modeled a sweater for Lily Chin once.
  12. He helped me to put all of my yarn and projects into Ravelry. Yes, that's right. He did.
  13. He asks me to make him things and he WEARS them.
  14. He carries around my business card and gives them out all the time.
  15. He sends me links to yarn stories that he hears on NPR or articles he reads about in magazines.
  16. During KnitPick book sales he tells me to order everything.
  17. He buys tapestry needles and keeps them in a hidden spot. When I can't find mine, he gives me one from the stash.
  18. He puts tapestry needles into my stocking each and every Christmas.
  19. He tells me his honest opinion about what I'm knitting or crocheting.
  20. He didn't freak out when I starting rug hooking too. Instead, he looked it up and learned about it.
  21. He knows who and what EZ means.
  22. He reads every blog entry, even if he hasn't a clue what the words mean.
  23. He blushes when I tell him ladies from the store were reading his poetry.
  24. He converted the guest room into my yarn studio.
  25. He once told a friend who said she tried to knit and it didn't work out that she might try holding the needles toward the middle or upper part because a lot of people try to hold them at the joins and that doesn't work.
  26. He knows the difference between knitting and crochet.
  27. If he sees I'm not knitting, he asks if I feel okay.
  28. When we got Tivo, he set up a knitting keyword playlist.
  29. He is planning to take me on a fiber festival road trip for my birthday and suggested that we stop at all the yarn stores along the way.
  30. He knows what frogged, WIP, UFO, and hybernating all mean.
  31. He doesn't understand whey I worry about how many projects I have on the needles. He will always tell me to go ahead and cast on something else.
  32. He knows how much we all hate weaving in ends.
  33. He knows what my favorite yarn is and has fully accepted that our next girl dog will be named Karabella.
  34. He never ever makes a joke about knitters being old ladies who knit in rocking chairs. He knows better.
  35. He does, however, believe that we are all in a secret cult that worships yarn. I don't think he is too far off. He even pointed out that we have our own language and codes.
  36. He asks me what my knitting goals are every weekend.
  37. He will tell other husbands what their wives really want for Christmas and birthdays. Little do they know that we are feeding them the info.
  38. He once bought a book on the history of knitting and women to just learn more.


Patrick Kanouse said...

You are way too generous, my love. You make it all fun and a joy!

Silvia M. said...

Gina, your husband should hold classes at the store for other husbands! :-)