Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Down to Six!!!!!

I started on a knitting journey a few years ago (when Knitting Daily did a UFO count) of trying to get my unfinished knitting items down to a reasonable number. I defined UFO to be on the needle or hook. My initial count was over 30. I immediately frogged some to get down to 24. I've been working on those 24 ever since. Of course, there were many another new project that I started within that time frame. However, I made a rule that I had to finish anything I started. I didn't do too badly with that rule either.

Drum roll please...I'm down to six UFOs!!!!! Now, I did end up frogging two more projects last night, but for good reason. I decided to use the yarn for one project for my upcoming Adult Surprise Jacket. The other project I took out because I knew I would never wear it and the yarn is too yummy to waste.

The six remaining UFOs are

  • Rusted Root: about 75% done. I actually plan to finish this one today or tomorrow.
  • Myrna: about 70% done. This will get my attention next. I should finish it no later than next week.
  • Babette Blanket: about 60% done and has been in hibernation. This is my only crochet project right now, so I will probably change this one to active after I finish up Rusted Root. It is a nice light project to work on throughout the warmer months.
  • Crayon Box Jacket: about 60% done and has been in hibernation. I will start working on this again at some point this summer. It will be a perfect weight for wearing in the fall, so I want it done by then. I have a feeling that if I picked this up I could finish it off in a week or two, just need to do it.
  • Marmalade Sweater: I have both sleeves done and ran into a gauge issue with the body. I need to figure out what to do before I can proceed. Not feeling good about this project at all. I should probably frog it and use the yarn for something else, but I haven't come to terms with that idea yet.
  • Iain Sweater for Patrick: This is a heavy yarn with lots of thinking. I want to have this done for Patrick to start wearing in November/December. I need to work out a time frame plan for this one.
After finishing Rusted Root and Myrna, I do have plans for new projects. Next up (but hopefully one at a time):
  • Juliet
  • Adult Surprise Jacket
  • Blanket for Wedding Gift
  • Textured Tweed Cardigan
  • Blanket for family room
I also have plans to start knitting Christmas presents throughout all of these other projects. If you are a girl who gets a Christmas gift from me, chances are strong that you will get a hat this year. Sorry to ruin the surprise. I promise that they will be cute!!!!

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