Friday, March 20, 2009

Colinette Blanket Is Finished!

When I first started knitting I fell in love with the Colinette blanket kits that I saw in all of the stores. I really wanted to make one and I finally purchased one last year for myself. I actually special ordered it from them because they don't sell the kits in all colors and I REALLY wanted one in red. I know that red shocks all of you who know me well. : ) So, they put together a kit in the Fire colorway for me. I started it right away and then got side tracked, of course. It became a hibernating project that was on the needles on 1/1/09 so it was a must finish in 2009 project. I picked it up the other day and started knitting it again. It went so fast after that and I happy to announce that it is done!!!!!! I love it. The colors are great and I love the scallop pattern. The throw is for my yarn room and looks wonderful on my over sized chair.

I just put together my own kit of creams and beige (leftovers plus a few new skeins of yarn) to knit it up as a gift for a wedding. I also have a bunch of green variegated yarns that I've been collecting over the years that I am going to knit up (probably in straight garter) for my downstairs. Although I love to make sweaters, I also consider myself a blanket knitter. The second project I made was a blanket and I've made at least 13 adult ones since and tons of baby ones.

You can see who promptly tried to take it over!

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