Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby Surprise Jacket for Jack

I just finished knitting up another BSJ. This one had two purposes:
  • Knitting it for Jack.
  • I typed up row by row instructions for the pattern while I knitted it. I found in teaching the class that most people want to have more spelled out instructions than EZ offered up. I completely understand why she approached her patterns in the way she did, but I also need to provide students what they expect. After all, I want them to succeed and come back again. : )
You will notice that this version has a little pocket on the front. Three guesses what it actually is?
  1. Covering a knitting error.
  2. The swatch for the sweater.
  3. All of the above.
You guessed it, number 3 it is. I knitted this up fast...and in some less than great nights of sleep. Because of this I forgot an increase on one of my rows. It created a tiny little gap. I had the students play spot the error and only 1 out of 5 located it. I probably could have left it, but as soon as I finished knitting my swatch I thought, "This looks like a little pocket." I knitted the swatch on size 5 needles, saw that was too big, switched to a 4--still too big, and then a 3--just right. You can see how the tension changes when you switch needle size. Are you someone who hates to swatch? If so, I strongly encourage you to search for the beauty of the swatch. It saves you lots of wasted time and energy if you are making a sweater. After all, you want it to fit, right? Well, you can use your swatch as a pocket or other project. I've seen people save all their swatches and then whip stitch them together to form a blanket.

Partial ball of Dream in Color Smooshy
6 stitches per inch
Adjusted pattern to 1 button
Added pocket

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Anonymous said...

And I thought that pocket was part of the sweater! I never would have noticed :)