Sunday, February 1, 2009

My New Rug Hooking Frame Is Here!!!!

I got "hooked" on another craft this past summer--rug hooking. I hadn't really seen many of these in person, but came across some kits at a fiber festival and picked up a kit. Little did I know that my good friend had a great friend who designs her own rugs. I learned from the best!!! I finished up my pumpkin kit and vowed to only ever have one rug on the frame at a time (to avoid the UFO situation I got into in knitting). I have a strawberry-themed rug in the midst of being hooked now. I'm hooking it with yarn instead of felted wool. Thought I give it a try to understand the differences. T was nice enough to let me borrow one of her frames for a few months (okay, maybe a little longer than a few). I broke down and found one on eBay last week. I was so happy when it arrived! I can't wait to hook the rest of the strawberry rug and then go shopping at a fiber fair for another one or two. I really want to hook a Christmas one since I'll have a spring and fall one.

Puritan Rug Hooking Frame


laurie said...

welcome to the world of rug hooking!!! hooking and knitting can live in the same world and be just as fulfilling.

Bonnie said... grandma used to hook rugs, too. She would take any cast-offs of wool clothing, cut them in strips with her cutter tool, and then hook the strips into the pattern. She let me pick out 2 different patterns...I have both rugs, tucked away in the attic. Both are pretty well-used. I might have them fixed up to hang someday. They are beautiful!