Saturday, February 7, 2009

How Are Those New Year's Resolutions Going?

I had several New Year's Resolutions for knitting in 2009. Now that we are a month in, I thought I'd take stock.
  • Keep Ravelry updated: I have managed to not only keep up with this one, but it drives me NUTS not to get things updated right away. I love being able to search my patterns and yarn. I knew that part would be great. What I did anticipate was how much it would help me with my other resolutions...
  • Finish Projects on the Needle as of 1/1/09: I have finished the Medallion bag and the Back to School Vest. I have also made a lot of progress on Myrna (50% done) and Sunny's dog coat (85% done). I am on track to finish the dog coat this weekend and Myrna next week.
  • Only Have One New Nephew Project on the Needles at a Time: I have finished a Sheldon the Turtle, a Simple Baby Hat, and the Stripes Hat. I have Jack's stocking on the needles right now and should have that done in the next week (the knitting part at least). Next up for Jack, a spring colored Baby Surprise Jacket out of Smooshy. So excited to cast this on.
All in all, not a bad start to the year. In addition to these, I did add reading the four EZ books I just bought by end of 2009. I am reading Knitting Around right now. I need to read a chapter a day to knock these out!

My main goal for February is knocking out the dog coat, the two sweaters for the White Lies KAL, and seaming together a blanket for a customer. I think I will feel much better when those projects are off the needles. Then, it will be no obligation knitting for at least three months (I'm self imposing). I plan to knit on my 1/1/09 projects and knit up a bunch of hats that I found online. Guess what the gifts will be for Christmas 09!!!!!

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