Tuesday, February 3, 2009

EZ Books

Elizabeth Zimmerman is widely considered the mother of modern knitting. The woman was a genius and her work inspiring. I recently took full advantage of the 40% off all books sale at KnitPicks.com and purchased myself four of her books. In addition to my other goals for the year, I have added reading these four books (cover to cover) by the end of the year.

I am starting by reading Knitting Around. If you have read these books and have a nomination for which one is next, please send along your comments.

I am teaching the Baby Surprise Jacket in the spring and really enjoyed the creativity in making it. I was excited to see the mathematics for the adult version in The Opinionated Knitter so I think that will have to go on the list of must make things. She strongly encourages it as a way to use up leftover bits of yarn in the same weights. I knew I was saving all those yards here and there for a purpose! I have two drawers full of scraps. I use them for teaching a lot and thought about kitting some together to make scarves/etc. I might have to kit myself an Adult Surprise together first. Wouldn't it be fun to bring all of our leftovers in one day and trade them. We could all make sweaters out of the mix and matches and not have spent an additional dime! Let me know
if you are interested and I can set something up.

If you aren't a reader, check out EZ and her daughter, Meg Swansen's (a genius in her own right), DVDs or CDs. Fun to watch and educational too.

There is also an additional book, Knitting Without Tears.

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Christina said...

Oh, I love "Knitting Around." It's such a great book. The Knitter's Almanac is a good read too.