Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dog Sweater

I knitted up this sweater for a friend's Rhodesian ridgeback. The dog has a 38" chest, so it was more like knitting for a person. I used a Rowan superwash in a light worsted/dk weight. I had to apply a LOT of math to alter a pattern to fit. I used a pattern out of the Doggy Knits book. I, wisely I might add, selected a pattern that does not have leg openings. This made the alterations a lot easier. The belts help to adjust the fit as his weight changes. It is a washable wool.

I'll be honest and state that this was not a favorite project of mine. It turned out really well, but it was torture getting there. I think it was because it was in a dark color and it was SO MUCH St st. I'm also used to knitting for yorkies. This guy equals about 20 of my dogs! However, the "little" guy will be able to stay nice and toasty now. If he's happy, I'm happy.

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