Friday, January 9, 2009

Medallion Bag Is Finished!!!!!

I have knitted and felted the Medallion bag. I have the bottom plastic in the bag and the handles on (still need to put in a zipper), but otherwise it is finished! I am happy with it, but do have a few notes:

1. I didn't come close to use the amount of yarn called for in the pattern.
2. I think I didn't come close to using enough yarn because I was getting 3 stitches per inch. This caused my bag to come out smaller in the width than I expected. When I make this bag again, I will definitely go up to a 15 needle instead of the 13. I believe this tightness (unusual for me) was due to knitting with both hands to complete the fair isle.
3. The black bled onto the white a tad. At first I was pretty bothered by this, but as it dried it came out looking fine (see last picture).

Overall, despite these critiques, I'm VERY happy with it
and it will become a much-used knitting bag.

Pre-felting: 31 across/21 deep

A Yorkie on the bag to give you an idea of scale.

After felting.

After felting with handles. Ready for use!

I did add another class for March for the Medallion bag.
The February class is already full!!!

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Christina said...

Oh my goodness! The bag is to die did a really good job. Now I want to make one! =)