Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So I was all excited and signed up for Nutrisystem. All geared up to drop the pounds. I ate the meals and I can't put another one in my mouth. I've found them to be appalling. I've seen several other sites where users gave it a similar review. I'm so disappointed by this because I really wanted it to help me drop the weight. 

I'm going to try Alli and eating healthy. Seems to be a better option for me. At least that way I can eat foods that I know I like--not packaged. Anyway...if you are look at options, I'd skip the Nutrisystem one. I know it has worked for several of my friends, so I'm more convinced than ever that my taste buds are wacky. I think it also have something to do with my abnormally strong sense of smell--no joke. Patrick calls me the super sniffer. I balance out our friend Wes who can't smell at all. He, however, has perfect pitch. Life is a balance...so I'm off to knit to make up for my less than great day. (Oh yeah, had a repair guy who tried to get lots of money out of us by trying to scare us. Some day...)

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