Sunday, August 17, 2008

That Room...and a BIG SALE!!!!

Hello to all of you in Internet land. Today I'm feeling a lot better than yesterday. I had to cancel a class, which I absolutely hate to do. However, I had such a bad allergy attack that my eyes watered all day long. It was terrible. My eyes were little slivers. Ugh.

Anyway, today PK and I are working on the items for our Garage SALE!!!!! If you live in the area, come on by:

Friday 8/22 from 8-3
Saturday 8/23 from 8-12
2215 Pheasant Run
Westfield (behind Sanders Glen in the Pheasant Run housing edition)
We will have furniture, tons of games, clothing, and tons more!!!!!

When we bought our house, I told Patrick that his den was his and I wouldn't impose my organizational-nut behavior on him. True to form, the most I've ever done is run the vacuum in there every so often. That and, unfortunately, it became our catch-all room. Until today, I had no idea how much so. We have decided to clean it out, paint the walls, and get him a nice chair and shelves. Not too much of an investment, but good grief will it make a difference. Right now he is in the process of figuring out where to fit all those brewing bottles into the closet!

I'll post pictures when the new room is ready. Spread the word about the yard sale if you know someone who is looking for some good finds. Items are priced to sell.

Example items for sale:
* PC games
* PS2 games
* Clothing
* Kitchen table and chairs
* Rocking chair and footstool
* Wooden shelves (perfect for a garage)
* Entertainment center
* Highchair
* Books
* Craft items
* Record player and records
* Loads of other things too!!!!!!

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