Monday, May 5, 2008


I have never been much of a sock knitter. Can I make them? Yes. I just never got addicted to them the way most knitters do. I didn't enjoy making socks all that much. After attending the Yarn Harlot the other night and seeing tons of socks being knitted up, I got the urge to try again. This has caused me to think a lot about why I didn't enjoy it all that much. Here is what I've come up with and I'd love to hear suggestions from all of you on different approaches...

* I have always knitted a little looser. When I tried sock knitting years ago, I would have to drop my needle size into the 00 or 000 range to get gauge. This, as you can imagine, was very uncomfortable and not encouraging. I've found that over the years my tension has evened up a ton. To the point that I am getting 8 stitches per inch on a 2 right now when I should be getting 7! Guess I overcompensated. Oh well, these particular socks will either be a gift or for sale item. I was just glad to have fixed the tension issue.

* One of the main reasons why I think my sock tension is better now is that I am not using double points. Instead, I'm following Cat Bordhi's sock on two circs method. Works great for me. I tried the new two socks on one needle approach on Saturday night. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it just seemed very awkward to me. I'll have to give this another try at some point so that I can get over the dreaded one-sock syndrome.

* Sizing: I find that lots of sock patterns only provide stitch counts for a few sizes. Why is this? I can figure most of it out on my own and there is always the Purl Stitch sock info to fall back on. I'm just curious why patterns aren't covering multiple sizes like sweaters do so that those knitters who want a ready-made pattern get them.

* Fit: When I knit socks there is the pretty little neat rib a the top of the sock. Then, I put it on and it is all stretched out. How stretched out is too much? I am afraid that I'm making too small a size for my chubby legs. I've looked at pictures online and my socks on look just like those, but it just looks a little pulled to me. I'm probably being too picky, but I want my knitting to be very high quality and I feel like I've done that with most things. Socks are my, um, Achilles heal.

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