Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oh What a Day

I'm exhausted. I spent the day (7 hours exactly) cleaning out the closet in my yarn studio. It had become a huge mess piled up to the ceiling and falling out the doors. All of my yarn is now organized in the yarn studio and the closet is set up with bags and my other crafting supplies. The containers are all set up and there is room to move around. 

As part of the organizing, I came to the following realizations:
  • I have every needle I could possibly need and should never purchase another one.
  • I had a lot of projects on needles that I wasn't going to complete. I, with a heavy heart, frogged them today. I am down to 8 knitting projects on needles and 2 crochet projects. I have a goal to be down to 5 by the start of the Olympics. (Note: I was at 15 before frogging.) 
  • I discovered some horribly tangled yarns that had been that way for at least three years. They are, um, gone.
  • I have a lot of yarn. I put together some for Nancy and Tonia to pick from this Saturday and whatever they don't want is going onto the Ravelry destash group. To further combat this habit (and save money), I have put a new rule on my shopping. If it is from a local yarn shop, I must think about it for 24 hours before buying. This will force me to look at all the yarn I already have. I am allowing myself to impulse purchase while traveling. It is part of the fun and I won't be traveling too much this year (although we did just purchase our tickets to track the train from Indy to Seattle for our friends wedding in September--should be very cool and lots of knitting time!)
I finally feel like I can sit my yarn studio and be creative. Can't wait.

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