Sunday, May 4, 2008

Catching Up

Spiderman Update

Several posts ago, I put up a picture of an afghan I was making for my nephew. I ended up finishing it in about a week because it was so much fun.

If you have a little guy around and you crochet, this is a fabulous free pattern on the web--just Google spiderman afghan and several site locations will pop up.

Crochet Hook Case
For those of you who receive the Stitches & Scones newsletter, you should have received a link to a free needle case pattern (sometime last month). It immediately caught my attention because I had been wanting to try out some felted crochet on a large hook. This picture sequence shows the before and after felting. It turned out really well and will serve as a gift for a lucky someone this year. It only took an hour and a half to crochet and felt. The trickiest part for me was sewing down the inside portion, but even that went fast. All in all, about a 3 hour project from start to finish. Although it is designed for crochet hooks, it easily could be used for double points. I believe is it a Berroco pattern, and should be on their site in the free area. Enjoy!

Greencastle Fiber Event
A few weekends ago I dragged poor Patrick out to the Greencastle Fiber Event. It was a really frigid adventure, but well worth it. There was lots of great yarns (and other fiber forms). I picked up some wonderful alpaca from Frontier Fiber Mills. Patrick really liked it so I planned to make him a hat and then use the rest for whatever came about. I made his hat, then a matching scarf, and I still have an entire skein left! I might try and squeeze fingerless mittens out of it for him. He is set for next winter!

I also picked up a few skeins of yarn for myself:

1 Skein of Touch Pure New Zealand Wool--So soft and yummy. It is a an thin/thick yarn that I thought would make a nice summer top or wrap.

1 Skein of (yes, you guessed it) superwash merino from Maple Creek Farm. I am a sucker for some nice merino in beautiful colors. I also thought this would make a great shawl for summer. Would be really cute with a shift dress at a summer wedding. We have a few to attend this year, so maybe I'll get the opportunity.

3 Skeins of Natural wool/Llama Handyed Merino wool in a heather, brown, and green color--hand spun and amazing. I can't find the lady's name at the moment, but she is in the Chicago area. I am putting this with some brown alpaca and knitting up a sweater for myself.

A quick hello to all the new knitters that joined the fiber arts world yesterday. It was great fun teaching you all and I look forward to next weekend!

Jane, it was so great to see you and hear that you have been reading the blog. I hope to catch up with you the next time you are in the shop.

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