Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What's Up?

So I just updated some of my info along the right side of the blog. I added a list of my upcoming classes. If you are interested in a class, please contact Stitches & Scones to sign up. Don't see a class and want one? Send me an email with your request. I also offer private lessons and finishing for the store.

That all brings me to my next point, why isn't there much listed in the recently completed? I've been designing some and knitting my own garments for sale. I plan to get some knitted up and post them here and on as soon as I can figure out all the technology. I will also have patterns for sale here and at the store. I just designed a really cute (if I do say so myself) 1920s inspired flapper hat with flower. (Thanks to my own personal tech editor, Tonia!) 

Okay, enough of me pitching myself. (So uncomfortable.)

Now, on to American Idol (go David Cook!). 

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