Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's an Apple World - Dell No Longer Lives in It

I did it. Well, actually, Patrick did it. I think he got tired of me complaining about my home laptop. Today, I became a Mac convert. On top of that, Patrick took the plunge into the iPhone. (He's like a kid in a candy store!) Right now, we are in the midst of getting it all set up. Of course, I also had to buy a big red laptop/purse bag to carry it all in. So, this is post one from the new MacBook. 

BTW--The first site browsed...Ravelry, of course!

We had such a nice day yesterday. I taught two classes (beaded shawlette and beginning crochet). I love the beaded shawl project because there is so much knowledge to turn over. I think students are always a little shocked at how many new techniques they pick up from this project. The beginning crochet students (hi Vanessa and Pam) were a joy. After teaching, Tonia and I went out and about for a bit (picked up some Sheep Shop yarn--yummy) and then went to eat with the hubbies. As we were leaving, Rick said something that was both funny and sent us on to the purchasing of Apple products that we had been discussing for ages...

"When Tonia gets something into her head it isn't immediate, but it is inevitable." (Or something very similar.) We cracked up and then decided that this really describes me too. Thus, the late night trip to Best Buy and the plans last night (around midnight) to purchase our products today. 

While PK was out and about, I worked on writing up a crochet pattern and making a the hat at the same time. I have the basic concept, but want to make a few pattern improvements. It is one of those that I can make a bunch of and sale on etsy. I also worked on designing and knitting a child's sweater that will have a flag in the upper left breast area. It is a hired project, but I figured I could get some pattern writing out of it too. So much to do...

Which leads me to my other big news...I am going part time at my regular job and moving into a position with one of our editorial teams. So excited!!! I can't wait to explore all the new adventures...both in publishing and in the knitting/crochet world. 

Okay, back to feeling like I haven't used a cell phone or computer before...

I'll post pictures of the new projects as soon as I can figure out hooking up my camera!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Peace and Love

We are thinking about you, Meg and Pete. We were so glad to know you were safe and well.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snowy Day

It is so cold! I just took a hot bath to try and warm up my feet and hands. It was a rough drive home--the roads were not cleared well at all. The dogs are all happy and cozy on the bed and I'm catching up on my Days of Our Lives. (I've been following the families in Salem since I was a little girl and my Grandma Fields watched it. Such a guilty pleasure.)

Well, I'm off to work on my Crayon Box jacket. Two sleeves are done and two and half rows of the body are finished. Still have a long way to go.

One other note: Today is the 9 year anniversary of the day that Patrick and I got engaged. I can't believe it has been that long. (March will be our 10 year first date anniversary.) I'm amazed that time has moved so fast. Yes, 9 years ago, my PK drove us down a one way street the wrong way because he was so nervous. We went to a restaurant in NH to have lobster as a special treat. We tried to order only to find out that they didn't serve it at that time. Poor PK looked crushed--so much so that the lady made a special arrangement for us and we were able to have our special meal. At the end of the meal, no desert, but an engagement ring. I'll never forget how sweet Patrick was that day. I love you more each day, PK!

Notice the picture on the wall in the background? Patrick drew that when he was in grade school. His mom gave it to me a few years ago and it makes me smile whenever I see it and imagine a little Patrick all intense as he drew it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Knit Much?

I had such a productive knitting day on Sunday. I started working on some of my spring/summer garments. The first is a topdown cardigan out of Wool in the Woods cotton blend. It is so pretty in the pink and brown. I did have to drop my needle size to get the yarn gauge, which is not abnormal for me. However, in this case it is slightly uncomfortable on my hands, but that could be because I knit so much on Sunday because...

I also cast on and knitted this red bamboo summer rolling stones sweater. (I really will move on to other patterns after finishing this rolling stones version!) Isn't it beautiful? Such a lovely red!

In addition to the knitting (and my regular job), I've also been trolling on Ravelry to find submission requests and editing jobs. I hope that I can break into that soon--fits so well with my skill set.

In other news, I took the TV boyfriend quiz and it came up with Jim from The Office. Funny enough, Patrick and Jim have a lot in common. If I'm anything, I am consistent!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Spring/Summer Knitting

Every year, I struggle with when to start my spring/summer or fall/winter knitting. I usually end up starting my fall/winter knitting in September because I purchase different types of yarns at Stitches Midwest. I finish up some late summer projects and jump into warmer garments so that I have a few additions to my wardrobe in October.

Spring/summer is so much harder for me to determine. My delimma is that in the midst of a cold January I LONG for warmer weather and start getting really attached to my spring/summer projects. However, if I start this early, I get them done and can't wear them right away, which is half the fun! Despite my better judgment, I have casted on two new summer projects in the last week. (Which, in turn, means some of my winter project plans will get displaced. I MUST GET MY PROJECTS IN WORKS COUNT DOWN.)

So, what do all of you do? Do you plan out when to start your knittng for new seasons, do it as the urge hits regardless of timing, or only knit when the appropriate weather strikes?