Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome 2008!

I know that some people really hate the idea of New Year's resolutions, but I've actually found that they often work for me--at least at a 50% rate, which is better than 0%. So, here is my yearly list of things:
  • Take better care of myself: This includes eating right, taking walks, and dropping some lbs. I can do this. (I lost 40 lbs 4 years ago, and I know that I can get it back off again.) I have everything mapped out, which is how I accomplished it before.

  • Keep a running list (posted on the fridge) of things to do on the house and accomplish at least one task each weekend. (Things like fix the handle on the dresser, etc.)

  • Finish off started projects or decide to frog them.

And, the big one:

  • START MY BUSINESS!!!!!! That's right. This is the year that Brownie Knits becomes a registered name, business, and accountant. Here we go... I'd be lying if I said I was anything less than terrified, but I hear that fear is good for business. It can be the drive. I have set up my financial tracking docs and am going to hire an accountant by the end of January. After meeting with her, I will register the name and business and get all of that squared away. For now, the business will be my teaching and pattern sales, but over time I hope to expand my design work, sell made products, and expand to finishing. I also plan to map out a book proposal and complete the TKGA level 1 program.

I know that all of this sounds like a great deal of work, but I believe that I can get most of this completed by end of 08.

Finished Projects

So, I have been using this past week to work on one of my 08 goals. I finished Patrick's vest just in time for him to wear in on Christmas day. It is made out of Mermaid and used the men's vest pattern from Pure & Simple (love their patterns). I knitted this up in under a week! Patrick really likes it and I blocked it yesterday. It softened a great deal and I stressed it a tad to be more comfortable for him.

I also finished the Aurora 8 top-down sweater for myself. It is also a Pure & Simple pattern. I use these patterns to teach my top-down classes and people love them. I try to keep at least one top-down project going at all times. (My next one will be a cardigan out of some silk/merino yarn I purchased from Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farms.)

Today, I am finishing up the front of my winter Rolling Stones sweater and should be able to start the sleeves. I hope to finish this up before we leave for San Fran. I have also decided to frog the chunky sweater I had planned to make. I decided to be realistic and admit I would never wear it. Additionally, I am going to finish up the Christmas pillow this week and tuck it away for next year. Progress!!!!! (The yarn I purchased to make Patrick's cable coat isn't going to work. It is too dark to show off the cables. I should have realized this earlier. I am hoping I can return the yarn for store credit, but I need to check when I bought it.)

Hope you are having a happy 2008!

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Carol said...

Hi Brownie,

Am finally getting organized here after all the Xmas hubbub. I wanted to let you know that Patrick's vest and your top-down pullover look great! Nice job!