Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Papa Was a Rolling Stone

My winter Rolling Stones sweater is complete! It turned out so well. I can't wait to wear it and it should be nice and cozy this week with the cold weather. (I used my gift certificates--thanks Doug and Nancy!--to buy bamboo yarn in a red RED to make a summer short-sleeve rolling stone that I think will look very sharp. I'm so hooked on this pattern!)

I also taught myself how to Tunisian crochet this past weekend. I plan to do a bunch of messing around with it to get a grip on all of the stitches and then offer it as a class in March. I'm also looking at hairpin lace and crocheted socks as other options. So much to do!!!!!!!!
I cast on my top-down cardigan in a beautiful purple silk/merino blend I bought at Stitches Midwest. I'm trying very hard to use all the yarn I let myself buy this year so that I don't feel so guilty. The purple cardigan should be a nice weight for spring/summer in the air-conditioned office. I hope to have it done in a few weeks so that I can start another new project. I do have about 12 inches of my 53 inch 3 button wrap done. I should be able to complete that by mid-February as well.

I'm also excited that Kristy, Karen, and I are going to start Crayon Box jackets at lunch on Wednesdays. Kristy is going to make one for Vivy. I'm going to make a blue one with all my blue leftovers that are so pretty. I'm going to stay away from a lot of novelty yarns. That was my problem before when I tried to make Crayon Box. I ended up hating it and stopping. The ones I've seen in person that I love use very tame yarns and of the same weight so that you don't get all the pulling going on.
Oh, I have a Facebook page now. I need to work on it tonight, but I'm going to have to draw on Patrick's expertise. :)

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