Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Long Time, No Post

Knitting News
Hi everybody out there in Internet land. Sorry I haven't written in so long (if there is even anybody checking this anymore)! Between the holidays, end-of-year rush at work, and just being tired from 2007, I just never got around to posting.

We had a nice holiday yesterday. Patrick was a sneaky devil and put a nice little gift in the tree for me. Always nice to get a little bling. I also received some nice gift certificates to help fill my yarn needs, the four Barbara Walker books, and a table for my loom. I'm all motivated now. I'm taking a weaving class on Friday and plan to weave a table runner for the dining room. Patrick is going to put my table together tomorrow so that I can use it this weekend.

The Barbara Walker books are also motivating me to finish up my master hand knitting program homework: 1 more swatch to make, blocking to do, and answering the questions. I think I'll start working on all of that tomorrow.

I finished up Patrick's vest just in time for Christmas. He wore it yesterday, so I'll have to post some of his pix. It turned out really well (knitted out of Mermaid). It was a little strange because the pattern called for 5 stitches per inch. My gauge swatch was perfect and so is my knitting. However, I had PK try it on when I started knitting and I had to drop the size down to 2 sizes smaller than he normally wears. My theories: 1. He likes them a little more fitted than the pattern intended; 2. the pattern was off on stitch count versus inches given (when I do the math it seems off, but I am so not a math person!).

I am back to knitting on my winter Rolling Stones. When I made this sweater out of cotton it stretched a ton. I am using a wool blend this time around and I plan to knit it even longer than I did the cotton one because I don't think it is going to stretch as much and I need to block out the width more (which will draw up the length a bit). I should be able to finish up the back tomorrow.

I also hope to finish up my Aurora 8 top down this weekend. I knew I bought enough yardage for the sweater and I was right! I finally found the other balls and do have enough to knit on the hood. It shouldn't take more than a few hours to finish up.

Finally (for the knitting front), I started knitting the 3 button wrap out of Wool Bamboo. I am writing up/designing as I go. It will most likely be the project I take with me to San Fran in a few weeks. (Which, btw, will involve at least one yarn store visit after all. We have Sunday afternoon free--pending an on time flight.) I need to get measurements for the bulky one that Tonia knitted up to see if I am on the right track. I tend to like really neat lines, so I am making some adjustments to the garment to achieve a neater line.

One of my favorite things about this time of year is that friends visit more than normal. It has been a good week visiting with friends from all walks of my life--from knitting, normal work, family members, and new friends made in the last year. We've had some big laughs and it just makes everything else in life seem a little brighter.

A Note about Movies and TV
We've been going to see/renting a lot of movies this week. Here's my two cents:

  • * Juno. Excellent! I really loved this movie. It was cleaver, touching, and hysterical. Some fantastic one liners that I hope to use when the right moment strikes!
  • * National Treasure: Book of Secrets. A nice little escape movie. Nothing too thought provoking here, but a good no-brainer film to entertain.
  • * Junebug. There were parts of this I loved (Amy Adams was excellent) and parts I hates (the ending sucked). I suppose there are those that will argue with me about this movie. It just feels like one of those films that will deliver a message to some and not others. I theorize that I have hatred for parts of the movie because it reminded me so much of parts of my own life growing up in a small town and some of the negatives that can come with that. Maybe that was the point.

Disclaimer: I completely think that the writers' strike makes total sense.

With that disclaimer clearly stated: TV SUCKS right now. I am a complete and total TV junkie. I'll give almost any show at least one look. I have great respect for the creative work that the writers, actors, etc do. I am really missing some new and good TV right now. One can only watch so many reruns of the various CSIs and Law & Orders, and Netflix doesn't arrive fast enough to keep me in constant episodes. If this lasts much longer, I'm going to turn to books on tape/iPod to keep me going while knitting.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


I got my invite and I am already finding lots of great patterns and knowledge!!!!! I need to sit down and get my inventory of needles, books, projects, and stash in there. Oh my!