Sunday, November 11, 2007

Recently Completed Projects

Now that I am back physically (was knocked out all last week, including an ER visit, with "viral syndrome," which basically means they couldn't figure out what was wrong other than I felt like you know what) and technologically (computer is back and working), I can finally post again. Here are the pictures of my recently completed projects--all completed prior to last week. I was so sick I couldn't even lift my head. Ugh. Here's hoping that is all over.

Here is Patrick modeling his new alpaca and merino top-down pullover. (This is one of the patterns you can work in the new Top-down Sweater class I am offering.) It is a good thing that I had him practice his modeling skills because he ended up being in the "Lily Chin Fashion Show" we had at our A-List celebration, but more about that on a future post!

Here is a picture of the baby Tulips sweater for baby Sydney. Dream in Color is such a nice yarn to work with. I didn't enjoy this pattern as much as other knitters. I thought about this for a long time. I think that the constant change of colors and thought of weaving in ends got to me. However, the finished project was worth it.

A picture of my felted Lucy bag. It took 20 minutes to felt (Plymouth Outback). This project brought back the fondness I have for felting. It also inspired me to start keeping a felting time record for my front loading washer. I don't know that the times will hold true for your washers, but at least it is a reference area. I was looking at the bag and my new clear button jar had this nice pin showing. I pulled it out and put it on the bag. It gave it a little finishing touch.

These next two pictures are of some new One Skein Wonders I knitted up. The red one is a birthday gift for Tonya. She saw mine in the store and really liked it. I offered to make her one and she seemed excited, so I whipped this up for her birthday. Hopefully she'll enjoy it.

I was originally making the little pink and brown one as a baby gift. However, as I was making it I thought, why not a doggie shrug. I put it on Kiki and she stuck her nose in the air like she was a stuck up little model. It worked really well on her.

And, I can't include a picture of Kiki without giving equal opportunity to Riley. So, after today's Reversible Cables class, I came home and chilled in my new studio. As I was knitting on a top-down Aurora 8 pullover, Riley cuddled up and took a little nap. Oh, so cute.

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Tonia said...

Oh so adorable- you too Patrick!!
I can't wait to see you on Thursday- sounds like our week was very similar- I didn't know that I could feel soooo bad!