Friday, November 23, 2007

Live from Grandma's House

Well, another year, another Thanksgiving where we stuffed ourselves full of turkey!

Grandma, Patrick, and I went out to The Mannings this morning. I believe that Grandma and my aunts will be frequenting The Mannings from now on. I found a few things (surprise):
  • Put together a kit to weave a wrap: The pattern came free with the yarn purchase. I'm excited to go home and warp up the loom. I really haven't done any weaving in ages. I plan to take a class from Lisa over the Christmas holiday. Maybe I can practice on this shawl before then.
  • Purchased Wool in the Woods cotton to make a summer top-down sweater. I love Wool in Woods yarn. It has never really taken off well at the store in Indiana, but you can find it all over in PA.
  • Picked up some misc patterns that we don't have at S&S, including a weaving book of patterns. I'll have to show that to Molli as a potential new item.

I think Patrick and I will be traveling over to Gettysburg in an hour or so. He has his nose stuck in the Pfaltzgraf catalog right now and I keep hearing, "Hm." I think there are some things on his wish list. Of course, I will want to pop into the fiber shop off the square.

Well, not much else to blog about for now. We head home tomorrow so I hope to get my crocheted shawl finished on the drive home. I can then knock out the crocheted pillow at home on Sunday. So much for trying to get the top-down sweater done as well. I have a dentist appointment on Monday so if I come out of the meds early enough, I might be able to knock out some more on it.

Hope you all had a happy turkey day!

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