Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lily Chin / A-List Celebration

This weekend was a fabulous time. Lily came to teach at the store and we had a celebration for winning the A-List category. What fun. I learned a ton, we had a little fashion show, some good eats and drinks, and I have tons of new ideas that I want to design. Here are some pix of the event.

Patrick helped to model one of Lily's sweaters. He had some practice when posing for his Alpaca pullover pictures. (If you notice in the previous post he is laughing because he asked me how to pose and I had him do the classic model pose where you stand for a side view and turn toward the camera to give a slimming effect. Like he needs any slimming!)

Here I am laughing at how slow I feel crocheting after watching Lily. Damn, she's fast! I felt like a turtle when I did a practice row. I'm very excited that she took the time to show me her method for getting rid of the little gaps in crochet rows. (If you crochet, check out her Crochet Couture book.)

She also signed a paper that we had both written on when teaching classes. I plan to have it as a piece of artwork in my studio. I thought it would be a cool piece of memorabilia.

Here is just a funny picture of Lin who happened to say hot wieners just as I took the picture! We got a good giggle.

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