Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kim Werker Wisdom

I am often asked if I like or prefer knitting over crochet or the other way around. I often find myself skirting around the answer and have never quite been sure why. I've always thought it was because...

  • I don't want to deter anybody from either craft because I am so passionate about both. Kind of like you wouldn't want to pick which of your children you love more. (Although I recently edited an book about parenting where the author states that it is natural to have a favorite as long as 1) you NEVER voice it and 2) it constantly changes as your children grow and have more in common with you. I don't know if I agree as I've seen many a friend go through the I'm not the flavor of the month syndrome--I suppose that goes back to point 1 about not voicing it. Maybe it should be don't voice or SHOW it in anyway. I digress, but you see how I think of the two crafts.)
  • At different times I prefer knitting over crochet and crochet over knitting. I associate crochet with family. Both of my grandmother's crochet/ed as does my aunt. When I'm crocheting, it reminds me of my childhood and makes me feel like I am continuing a tradition. When I'm knitting, I feel most like my true self. The rest of the world melts away.

Then there is the third bullet point of the look of the garment and the patterns. Well, Kim Werker recently guest posted on Knitting Daily regarding crochet and knitters. She nailed my thoughts. She suggested to knitters that they knit a swatch on suggested needles, crochet a swatch in a similar size hook, and then a third swatch on a larger hook:

"In either case, the crochet swatch will be thicker than the knit swatch. That's because a crochet stitch is essentially a tube, while stockinette stitch can lay pretty much flat. It's tempting to write off crochet right there, isn't it? To say, "Crochet is too dense and thick to make a flattering garment." But that's lazy, folks. Notice that the third swatch, on a larger hook, drapes much better than the one made with a smaller hook. A sweeping generalization about crocheting garments: Use a lighter-weight yarn and a bigger hook than recommended. This isn't because crochet is worse, it's simply that crochet is different from what you're so familiar with."

Such a great way to say this. I think I found a way to answer the knit/crochet prefer and suggest question!

(If you haven't checked out Kim's Crochet Me book, stop, drive to the store/travel via Amazon, and buy.)

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