Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Home Again Home Again

Thanksgiving with the Family
We had a really nice visit with the fam over Thanksgiving break. It was really good to see everybody and hang out. (Shout out to all of you!) We a new member of our family--little Araline. (I was hoping to post some pictures from the trip, but my camera got turned on by accident and the battery ran out. Damn the luck.)

I did learn that I have more of a history of crochet and knitting in my family than I realized. My aunt Chris and Theresa both crochet and Chris also knits. I always knew that Grandma crocheted, as did my Grandma Fields and my aunt Christine. It was fun to chat about our projects. I'm pretty sure that Grandma will be pulling Theresa and Chris along to The Mannings for some shopping. (If you are ever in the area and you knit, crochet, or weave, check it out!) I was sad to see that the little knit shop in Gettysburg is up for sale. Hm--if only.

Shopping Finds and Projects
I picked up some Wool in the Woods to make a top-down summer sweater in brown/pink. I also picked up some yarn and a free pattern to weave a wrap.

I crocheted my shawl out of Fiesta's Ballet and used up all of it in my stash. I'm way off from being done, so I placed an order for more and put the project on hold. I still don't have the holiday pillow or pullover done. Best laid plans. I started getting overwhelmed and tired with the travel, holiday activities, and how busy we are at work. I am revising my project list to be a bit more realistic for the next few months.

One of the many things I need to do is get my Christmas cards together and sent out. I just received a picture of another new little cousin Jaxton with his older sister and brother. I think I'll make it into a little Christmas ornament for the tree.

What Else...

It has been over a week since I posted, so let's see what else has been going on? We have all but the tree up. We'll finish putting it up tomorrow night and will wrap the rest of the gifts. I still need to shop for PK, but I have his list now. I ended up asking Santa for a loom stand. I really want to weave more this coming year.

We went to a warehouse book sale at our work on Friday. You could load up on books for .50/lb. I picked up books for Aidan and Toys for Tots and Patrick had a great deal of fun. We spent $45.50. I couldn't help myself and totaled up the retail value when we got home. Ready for this? Over $1,200.00 worth of stuff!!!!!! Wow. I'll have to go to this sale more often!

We'll I'm off to watch The Amazing Race. (I'll post soon regarding my TV addictions and what the hell I'm going to do when the entire no new TV thing kicks in!)

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