Saturday, September 8, 2007

Why Can't I Sleep!?!

Before going to sleep last night I said, "I need to be up at 8:15." At 6:30 I was awake. I don't know why that happens to me. I have a morning where I can sleep in and, boom, I'm wide awake. I laid here thinking about random things until 7 and then gave up. I started searching the web for things that had grabbed my interest at some point during the week.

I check out the MSNBC site at least once or twice a day (I stopped watching the nightly news when Bush won a second term. The dogs couldn't take my yelling at the TV any longer, so I limited myself to online news!) Anyway, I've found that I much prefer it because I get the big news stories (that you see in the 30 minute nightly news), but you also get more world news and can pick and choose topics that are more pertinent to you. If the online news sites would have been this big when I came out of journalism school, my life would have taken a completely different direction. At the time, I didn't want to work on a daily newspaper or in broadcast. I think online would have been a much better fit for more. But, alas, I wouldn't have gone into publishing and met Patrick and all of my wonderful friends.

I don't go on about MSNBC for all of those reasons though. I actually brought it up because of this interesting knitting article ( It is actually a book review of sorts. Interesting stuff about how knitting is big with teens and younger women now as a way to individualize and slow down their lives. Makes sense to me. I've found that women of all ages who come to the shop are looking for time for themselves. They get to relax and release all the creativity that they have.

Okay, enough randomness from me to start off the day. This post is pretty representative of how all over the map my brain is today. Hopefully, I can focus in to make sense when I am teaching today!

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