Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Recent Knitting

I used up most of the Labor Day weekend knitting on the beaded shawl. It looks great, but it is a challenge. I really like working with the beads. I'm hoping when I block it that the lace pattern really pops and the sizing grows a great deal.It is knitted using Koigu and I am offering it as a seminar class in October. I picked up some Claudia Handpainted yarn in a nice varigated that I think will be beautiful as well.

I also finished knitting up my Lucy bag. I am leaving it unfelted until my class is over so that students can look at the stitches and see the size variance that happens with felting. Riley decided to help me model it. I told him to sit and he curled right up in the bag!

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Carol said...


The beaded shawlette looks beautiful. I really like the colors. And the Lucy bag is very cute! I'm excited to see what it will look like once it's felted, too. Good for you!