Sunday, September 30, 2007

Not Enough Time to Do All the Things You Want

Answers to a Few Questions
There just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I want. Yesterday at the store I taught several classes and shared lunch with Tonya and Carol at Kelties (wonderful food!). Throughout the day there were several questions thrown my way that I didn't process fully at the time. So here are my answers:
  1. Tonia: Here is a link to a felted water bottle:
  2. Carol: Pick up in the ditch AND the bar along the sleeves to get the correct number of stitches.
  3. Molli: Here are some crochet holiday books:
  • Country Christmas Crochet by Laura Scott
  • Crocheted Christmas Ornament Covers by Susan Allen
  • There are a smattering of other booklets that are based on snowflakes, stockings, etc.
TV Reviews
As mentioned earlier, I am a TV junkie. As we are rounding out the end of premiere week, I thought I'd offer up my assessment.
  • Returning Shows: Overall not bad. I stick to my old standards (CSI; Law & Order SVU; Grey's; etc). I do have to say that I thought, as did Patrick, that CSI writers took the easy way out by having Sarah survive. I also think that her relationship with Grissom hurts the character development of the show. Fans love Grissom because of his dark and unusual nature. Having the relationship with Sarah is just bothersome and gets in the way. (Not to mention that the writers basically repurposed Nick's story of being kidnapped.)
  • Non-Returning Shows (yet): Although I love having mid-season shows when I'm in the midst of re-run hell, I really, really wish that The New Adventures of Old Christine was on NOW. Come on people, The Big Bang Theory? It's awful. Put on your great shows. (And you actually cancelled The Class in favor of BBT? Wow. Bad move.) I need my Julia--she's so funny!
  • New Shows to Watch: I've been very pleasantly surprised this year. Last year was such a bum year that this year's crop really stands out. My favorite: Chuck. Yes, the premise of the show sounds ridiculous, but just go with it. I was crying from laughing so hard at the Nerd Herd lines. I also enjoyed Big Shots, Moonlight, Private Practice, and Dirty, Sexy, Money. I had not heard great things about Big Shots, so I was skeptical. The bad review I read was written by a man and this is a chick show (in my opinion). Lots of eye candy and very much a soap opera type show. I can easily see why men might not enjoy it. I really liked it (I was also a fan of The Practice and Alias, so I'm excited to see Michael and Dylan back on the small screen.) Moonlight (despite my distaste for vampire stories) was pretty good for Friday night TV. Private Practice was so much better than the spin-off episode last year. Dirty, Sexy, Money was very enjoyable as well.
  • New Shows to Skip: The Big Bang Theory and Journeyman were both awful. I was trying to reserve judgement on Journeyman, but the more I think of it, the more I dislike it. If you want this type of storyline done well, watch The Dead Zone.

Knitting, Knitting, Knitting

Today I've done some finishing and fixing of things. Not my favorite way to start my day, but it's done. My big knitting goal today is to prep for my Intarsia class. The handout is ready, but I need to chart something up and knit it. My secondary knitting goal is to keep working on Einstein. I have the bottom "skirt" part of the coat complete, the front right side, and I'm working on the back now. I'd love to have the back and left front done by next Saturday when class starts. That will just leave my sleeves, which I think will go fast. I feel like I've been knitting on the coat forever, but it has only been three weeks. I think I've spoiled myself with getting projects done each week. I did finish up my beaded shawl this week and will post a picture later this week.

I did add several classes for Nov-March. I still need to update the class schedule on the store site, but it feels good to have them scheduled. I am offering Beginning Knitting each month, added a few Lucy Bag sessions, and another Top-Down Sweater class.

I'm off to chart and maybe shop a little bit today. (We'll see if I actually make it out of the comfort of the bed and my yarn!)


tonia said...

Hi Gina-
I am so glad that you blogged today. I checked earlier and was disappointed-so- check out the site. It is a shop in SF
CA. They offer a Knitting RX class- the description is good and I think will work for your class in Nov. Also they have a cinema night- I think this would be fun to try- also I liked the idea of the in store style show- where customers model their knitted creations. Any way about the TV shows- I agree on the journeyman- I thought I liked it OK at the time, is there anything else on the tube at the same time??? I totally spaced Greys and watched something else- I can't remember what it was though. I think I will buy a TV guide this week and hightlight what I want to watch. Well see you Thursday.

Carol said...

Hi Brownie,

Thanks for the info. I haven't done any more on this sweater -- I'm waiting for solitary quiet time so I don't screw up that blasted seed stitch! :-) So, I will pull out the picked-up stitches to the left back seam and try again. Sorry for all my screwups on Saturday. I guess I can't talk and do seed stitch at the same time -- kinda sad, isn't it? But I appreciate your patience. Maybe I was more out of it than I realized, too!

I did some knitting on my other project at Sam's soccer game on Sunday. A little girl, Gloria, started watching me and asked me all sorts of questions about it. She wants to learn how to knit because she said it looks like fun!

BTW, had a great time with you on Saturday. Felt like old times again.

Thanks again!