Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Good Knitting Day

I had so much fun today. I taught the One Skein Wonder class this morning to my friend Carol. We had such a good time catching up with each other, knitting, and (yes) gossiping a bit. It was nice of her to drive up from Cincy this weekend and next to take a class.

As we were in class, Lisa and Briana started putting Aurora 8 by Karabella into clearance. Aurora 8 is my favorite yarn. It feels so nice to work with and needs up beautifully. I ended up grabbing up a very nice fall color variegation. Carol fell in love with some nice Rose colored Aurora. I'm still thinking over the...RED!!! I know that you are all in shock. I have so much red already, but I love it. There is tons of Aurora in clearance now and lots of it has enough to make sweaters. I'm sure it will go fast, so you'll need to get in soon.

After lunch I taught a beginning knitting class. It went very well. All of the students were knitting away by the end of the two hours (good job Amy, Ardella, and Cameron). It was such a nice group of people to have around today. I feel relaxed and happy. Now, on to knitting more on my Einstein Coat. I might even let myself start my Tess wrap...(minus the extreme knitting needles)


Carol said...

Hi Brownie!

I had a great time knitting with you this weekend! Sorry I was so out of it from my headache/allergies. I may actually finish a knitted garment and I'm so excited! You are a great teacher! Thanks for being patient with me. Looking forward to this Saturday, too. BTW, my sister, Terri, has been wanting to take a beginner class again. I told her you are teaching beginning classes on Saturday. What do you have them make first? A scarf or hat? Or something else?

Brownie Knits said...

Hi Carol,

It was soooo much fun and this Saturday will be as well.

In the Beginning Knitting class, we make a garter ridge scarf. Students learn the basics of knitting (holding yarn/tension, casting on, knit stitch, fixing mistakes, and the purl stitch [at the very end]).

See you Saturday!