Saturday, August 18, 2007

Beginning Knitting Class

I got home a little bit ago from teaching Beginning Crochet and Beginning Knitting. (I also had a great time hanging out with the ladies that came to knit the block blankets--such a great way to kick off a day. My kind of day--knitting, knitting, more knitting!)

As promised to the Beginning Knitting ladies here are some pictures to get you through the week as a reference until next Saturday. The following pictures step you through completing the knit stitch (that's little Riley in the background):

A Knit Stitch looks like a V.


tonia said...

you are really goooood!!!

tonia said...

Gina- I just volunteered that you would be a great moderator for a KAL if Molli decides to do one- don't kill me.

Brownie Knits said...

Oh my! I'll have to read up on what is involved in that. Sounds like a lot of fun, though. :)